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A collection of tools to help you manage your startup. Feel free to suggest some more!

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Starting a startup is a task in itself, isn’t it? There is so much to do, and so much to learn, that it can be quite an intimidating experience. You may have the idea, but you need help putting it together. Once done, there are legalities, finances and building a team…that’s just the start. 

Well, we have, in our own little way, tried to help. This page will be a growing curation of tools, that we hope you find useful. And if you have some, DO SHARE!

Creating a tech ecosystem involves work, and the best way to grow it, is to learn from each other...

We curate the best there is on the web, to bring you tools that we feel will help you

Here is a set of tools that we and our clients use, and we would love to share them with you. While some of them come recommended (Hubspot for example, is awesome, and mostly free), we leave it to your good judgement to test these tools out and use the ones that provide the best fit to your business.
As always, feel free to send in your recommendations as well!

Free Stock Photos

No more going to Google Images and…you know what I mean! Well, stock photos have always been costly, but here are a few great options, that are all free. They have a large set of images for commercial use. We personally found Unsplash to be the best of the lot, but do try all of them out. 
Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash
Photo by: Ed Gregory on Stokpic
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Photo by Matthew Leland from Pexels

Some cool templates for your website

Interact with your potential clients…in real time!

Getting a lot of website visits doesn’t mean much, unless you can qualify and convert those leads. An excellent resource I’ve personally found worth strongly recommending is  A very easy-to-use online chat, that has the geo-tagging feature as well. Which means, you can see which city and country the visitor has come in from, and can customise your pitch accordingly.

And, like many other resources on this page, it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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