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Tenl is part of the 10 Leaves solution portfolio, that includes boutique consulting and legal solutions as well. 

Your tech solves other’s problems…

who solves yours?

Exploring Possibilities


Starting a startup is tough. We have gone through it a lot of times, and a lot more with our clients. And so we thought…why not work on simplifying this process for everybody? 

So here we are, bringing to you some tools and resources and knowledge, to help you start your startup. We also have an exciting proposition of our own, one to do with mindfulness in the corporate setting, but that can wait for now. Let’s discuss you!

Till then, enjoy the snippets that we bring to you...some curated, some our own...
A brief

exploring possibilities across borders, that's that we do...

We work extensively with startup companies keen on expanding their footprint in the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Bahrain), Europe (Luxembourg, Berlin) and India (Bengaluru). 


Starting from expert non-biased consultations on various market entry options, especially in the UAE where there are over a dozen different initiatives for technology companies. We assist in creating optimum structures for tech startups, including assistance in investor on-boarding and protection of founder’s rights on dilution. 

That's just the start...

Our story

About the brand


10 Leaves started as a bespoke consultancy. 

We have been here from the past sixteen years, and have come to be identified with responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency. Our industry-leading publications, informative video channels and engaging podcasts represent our philosophy of keeping things simple, while providing you a level of service, unmatched by competition.

Legability was formed in 2021, and brings to you a digital legal solution. Tenl Technologies offers a platform to both regulated and non-regulated entities, and powers the 10 Leaves Digital Solution that we offer exclusively to all our clients. 

Backed by technology, but with a heart. 

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