by 10 Leaves

Startup Series

Volume 3

All about Customer Acquisition

The first 100 customers – a milestone that help you build an audience. Tap your immediate social circle – FB and Insta friends included. 

Consistency is key – but don’t end up spamming people. Everyone likes good content, so think your posts through. Encourage sharing as much as possible, coz great content needs sharing!

Be patient, and use analytics to constantly track metrics. Install Google Analytics on your phone, and keep observing. 

Newsletters should build a conversation. Be clear on the objective of the send, and put it across crisply. Make it about them, not you

Everyone likes a good read that they can forward to others, so aim for that – be visual too. 

Most importantly, have a defined Call to Action. Do you want them to visit your website? Or mail you back? A clickable button with a link is mandatory. 

The trick about social media is extension of your reach, through sharing. Review the social media channels that are relevant to your business, and set up your accounts professionally. 

Have clear CTAs, and short, crisp bursts of creative content that has a chance of going viral. Also cross-promote across social networks. 

Offer freebies – who doesn’t like them?? Also tap social influencers to reach a bigger audience. 

Paid ads can be costly, so research well before opting for them. Some options such as FB and Insta are straightforward, but you may need professional assistance for Google Adwords.

In today’s highly visual world, Insta works much better than FB – so a bulk of your social advertising should be on it. 

Customised landing pages on your website, with specific CTAs, can work wonders if done the right way. 

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